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They came to St. Louis in hopes of creating a new world by healing their old-world wounds. Based on true stories of women refugees from Bosnia, Afghanistan and the Republic of Congo.

One Act Play by Lee Patton Chiles


“The portrayals were electrifying, informative and penetrating!”

“This content has never been more important to explore than now!”


This very powerful one-act play is being remounted for the third time by Gitana Productions based on its popularity and relevance to our community and to the nation. The play is based on int erviews with actual refugees living in St. Louis.

Availability: February-June 2018

Length: 45 minutes (Play Only)
30 additional minutes Q/A

Contact: Call us at 314-721-6556 or email us at info@gitana-inc.org.

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To book this show contact Gitana at 314-721-6556 or info@gitana-inc.org.

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