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Ferguson MO We are the Spirit
Come to Ferguson to share your love with the community, the peaceful demonstrators and the police!

Monday, August 25 • 3:00 PM-6:00 PM
Greater St. Marks Family Church
9950 Glen Owen, Ferguson 63136

Alternate Date: Tuesday, August 26
(same time and location)

New Spirit of St. Louis is an open association of citizens who come from diverse cultural, ethnic, economic and occupational backgrounds who want to express love to all of the peaceful demonstrators, residents of Ferguson, law enforcement agencies and the businesses affected by the unfortunate shooting and death of 18 year old Michael Brown.

Our goal is to bring together multicultural peace lovers who will be dressed in white and will march from Greater St. Marks Family Church through the community with messages of love. We will engage in conversations, spontaneous artistic expression and share our food from all over the world "breaking bread" with all that want to come.

There is a need to let the various groups at ground zero "feel our love" and hear "our hearts." This can only be achieved by face-to-face engagement. The healing process can begin if there is tangible evidence that there is broad support coming from all directions. The demonstrators, residents and police need to feel this love unequivocally. What could do that more powerfully than to have a group of all nationalities and backgrounds.

Our mission is not political. (though we may have political views) Our mission is to show unequivocal love by our actions. We will sing as we march, shake hands even with those who seem beaten. We will talk to everyone with smiles and gestures of love meant to start the healing and we will perform as artists bringing the power of the arts to touch souls and to receive inspiration.

For more information contact:

Cecilia Nadal
Founder & Executive Director, Gitana Productions - info@gitana-inc.org
Molly Rockamann
Founding Director, EarthDance Organic Farm School in Ferguson - earthdancefarms@gmail.com
Jeannie Breeze
InnerMission for World Peace - jbreeze46@gmail.com

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